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Client kitchen and bath renovation – weeks 5 & 6

For those of you who are just joining us, or maybe want a refresher, this is where we were merely a month and change ago. With a 4 to 6 week timeframe, and a hope for 4, we began, guns blazing, to tear apart Mr and Mrs K’s kitchen and bathroom. Well, a few weeks later and we’re in the final stretch. I know for them it’s been extremely hard – small child, small dog, small living space, small budget – but I hope it’ll be rewarding in the end. Today they got countertops.

Yep. You heard me right. Count.er.tops. Let me back up a minute… a few weeks ago we learned that the countertops were going to be late. Later than we wanted, later than we’d hoped, later than we’d expected, pushing everything into September for a finish date. Originally we’d hoped to be finished by the end of August (extremely ambitious, mind you), but the counters held us up. The plumbers didn’t help, either, but that’s a different tale (one best told over cold beer and spicy food, if you ask me). But, back to the present. Counters are in.

Mr and Mrs K splurged on one thing (and a few little things, but only one big thing): natural stone. With an eye toward the beauty of a pale, lightly grey marble (which was both beyond the budget and beyond their maintenance wishes) they ended up choosing a marble out of Danby Vermont, oddly enough called Vermont Danby stone. The stone is denser than a traditional marble making it harder to stain, but still offers that luxurious look of melted snow and ice mixed with cream and fairy dust. It’s lovely, will age beautifully (even if it doesn’t stay perfect), and fits the house well. Plus, it’s a local product, which means that more of the local economy is benefitting from their remodel. Win-win, I say.

From template to install the fabricators managed to make their 7 business-day promise (it can take up to 14 business days) therefore shortening the waiting time for Mr and Mrs K. I know I’m grateful that they were able to get them in so quickly, despite flooding in their warehouse, and despite a long, long line of anxious customers. So, even though there was a sizable delay, the Ks are back on track, with only a few steps until the kitchen will be up and running.

The plumbers also came in the last week to get the downstairs powder room (among other things) hooked up, installed and activated. So, even though there is still protective paper hiding their lovely tile, and the floors in the kitchen aren’t completely cured, and there are miles to go before they sleep, at least they can powder their, well, you get the idea, downstairs. The plumbers have a bit more work to do before they’re off the hook, but they had to wait until the counters were in to finish.

Each step now is a dance – one foot must go first or another foot will step on it, therefore making it a clumsy, awkward exchange of movements rather than a graceful exchange of balance points. And due to the catastrophic flooding in Vermont and subsequently chaotic status of the roadways, Team Carpentry may be a bit delayed in getting back down for a final punch list day. They will do what they can, though, to make Mr and Mrs K’s kitchen a top priority. We all want to get them into their space, free and clear from any more tinkering, so they can dress it up, put on it’s jewelry, and give it the night on the town it deserves.

Photos from last week and today. Enjoy! xoxo


  1. max.hallmark9@gmail.com'Max Hallmark

    Beautiful home, I love your choice for the countertops, so much more appealing than the granite everyone is going with these days. I actually live in Agawam, just moved here from Charleston SC and my wife and I love the stain you used on your fir floors. We actually saw it on the Holyoke Home blog where she featured an article on your kitchen. I was wondering if you remembered the manufacturer and color stain you chose. We would really like to get that same richness from our sad and beatup flooring. Great job so far, you guys give me something to aspire towards with my fixer upper.

  2. So Happy Home Post author

    Max, thank you so much for your comment! I actually looked to see if I had the stain color formula written down (I didn’t) as I’m famous (infamous?) for custom mixing things. We used 4 parts ZAR Dark Walnut and 1 part something else warmer, but I can’t recall the exact color. Our floor people like ZAR brand for flooring stains and sealers, and recommend you use oil-based top coats. The water-based stuff isn’t as durable (yet) so if you’re trying to refurbish older floors the stinky oil stuff is where it’s at.

    Check out this post for some in progress shots of the fir in my kitchen (the above kitchen is a client’s home) getting it’s stain applied.

    Thanks again for reading! Good luck with your home projects!

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