Monthly Archives: June 2010


The renovations are about to begin… and by “about to” I mean in a few weeks. But, before then we have sooooo many things to get done. Chiefly, packing up the entire kitchen, moving our bedroom into the office, the office into the guest room, and the guest room, well, it’s closed down after this week. We also have to protect all our wood flooring – covering half the house in cardboard and drop cloths – and deconstruct (not demolish) our kitchen (most of the cabinets/countertops will be reused or repurposed rather than dumped).

We’ll also be going from a three bath house to a one bath house for the rest of the summer. I predict that might end up being harder than it seems. Still, the most inconvenient will be losing the kitchen. I know I will appreciate it that much more when it’s reborn!

Soon, I’ll put up some before pictures, and some of my inspirations for the renovation. I can hardly stand it – the process is finally beginning!

Hope you enjoy peeking into our life, and witnessing the highs and lows of a kitchen/bathroom(s) remodel!