Monthly Archives: December 2010

Love it all, love it all, love it all…*

When I decided to have the closet re-imagined, I never imagined how much work that would actually be. Of course I realized it would be dirty (removing plaster is mighty dusty work), and that it would require fitting larger people into tiny spaces (sorry Team Help A Sista’ Out!). But did I realize that there would be all the components of a full-on renovation? No, not really. We had demo, framing, drywall, taping and mudding, caulking, finish carpentry, trim, electrical (still to be done), and even some flooring (a threshold needs to be added). And of course painting, but I’m doing that this time around, to save costs and to make me feel like I’m earning my keep. And all these steps are (were) taking place at a break-neck pace as compared with our previous project. Ah, nostalgia.

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I can’t get out of what I’m into with you…*

With a pile of plumbing parts in the dining room, and a new bathtub in the garage (!), I met with Dave (& Jonas) of Team Help A Sista’ Out to go over the preliminary plans for the family bath update/remodel. Scheduling the trades, as they like to call themselves (I like to call them Teams, and then name them) is probably one of the more important steps you can take in any project. Step one: get the bathroom demo’d, and get the new tub into place. Now, normally this would likely be a half day project (well, maybe a whole day since the tub weighs so much). But, as usual, I have other things I need Team Carpentry for. Namely, a new master closet.

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And I know, I know, I know this won’t last…*

And so it begins. Again. Ok, for those of you just joining us, this is a chronicle of the DIY (design it yourself – we leave most of the heavy “do-ing” to the professionals) antics of me and my hubby as we set about improving our 1920’s house. We’ve just completed the kitchen, master bath, guest bath and bedrooms (though I have more decorative touches to add to those rooms soon), and are about to set forth conquering the dreaded family bath.

We call it the family bath since that’s who uses it most: our family and friends who stay with us when visiting for holiday affairs, or just to get away from their citified lives. We call it dreaded because it’s a logistical nightmare, and one that’s sure to test our budgetary limits. So, I thought I’d take you guys right on through the process, sort of from the beginning to the end. The actual beginning was about 4 years ago when we bought the house, but the drawings and purchasing only just happened, so I can share the process with you.

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