Hi, I’m Kati. (waves)

Writing a bio is hard, did you know that? I started with what could generously be called a cover letter, but it sounded so stodgy, so I tossed it out. Who needs a boring old resumé, anyway?

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a me who was a professional print production manager for magazines (I know, this is scintillating stuff). But, not unlike another fairy tale dweller, the career just wasn’t quite right (this porridge is too cold!). Then, there lived a me who was a professional hairdresser and colorist. Again, the porridge wasn’t quite right (too hot this time, I’m afraid). Then there became a me – through a lot of soul searching, and a summer design program at Suffolk University – who was a designer. Oh, design-world porridge, you’re just right!

After years of searching for my people, for my best self, I found it in creating authentic and efficient spaces for myself as well as others. I decided, at the encouragement of my darling husband, to start a blog to catalog our very first renovation, and my first time as a real designer: our kitchen and bath at our first house in Holyoke, MA. Shortly after that project was completed I began to do work for others, and began to really feel at home in myself. Not only had I found my people, I had found my me.

I’m a creative, artistic, sensitive person who is passionate about helping people find what it is that makes their home theirs. I love music, food, photography, art – drawing, painting, crafts – and all the trappings of blogging and exploring the world of design. The online community (you know that we are living in a digital world, and I am a digital girl) makes it so much easier to connect with other like-minded people (such as you!), and I’m grateful to be a tiny part of it.

I hope you’ll read along as I continue on this journey to know myself, to understand design and how it connects to real life, and how art and creativity are essential in life. I invite you, dear reader(s), to engage with me, to share in my enthusiasms, as well as your own.

Welcome to my so happy home.