hey you guys!

*** Update: Photos! ***

** Update: Rewiring house = installing all new overhead lights to replace “antique” fixtures. Hidden, hidden costs! **

Electrical work is set to begin today on our unforeseen, but hopefully only real overage on our renovation. We’re having the whole house rewired – get lost, knob and tube! – which is a blessing in disguise. While no one is ever happy about spending more money than they expected, I, for one, am happy it is to make the house safer for us, and future occupants.

Think it’s a wise idea to have the electrician start in the attic on the hottest day of the year so far? I honestly don’t know where he’s going to start. I’ll take photos of his handiwork when I can!

Let the renovations begin!

(Love the labels on the wires!)

(Did I mention that we have to have our smoke/carbon monoxide detectors hard-wired?)

(Poor little attic floor.)

(The mayhem required for order.)