Can I have it like that? You got it like that…

Day 23. And. We. Have. Floors! The guys did a tremendous job, working at a steady pace all day long, blending the new floors with the old, and making the space feel truly whole for the first time ever. It’s amazing. The only hitch we had was when Ke$ha came on the radio, and I had to insist that they use the iPod Touch we have set up for them (we use it to play Pandora internet radio for them, even though Dave and Eric resist at every turn). Our musical tastes don’t always match, but I draw the line at teen pop when floor nailers and saws are running. I think, in the end, they were happy to have the music changed (David Bowie station today), though I don’t even think they noticed the horrid “songs” that were playing for part of the day. Shudder.

Brad (who was sick yesterday, and is still a tad under the weather) came and powered through some outlets, finished some overhead lighting, and even installed an outdoor sconce. There was definitely a bustling energy today, with everyone speeding along, as if there were some mental deadline they needed to hit. It felt like things were getting done, and that’s always a good feeling.

I picked up some final tile pieces (to be revealed later) for our kitchen backsplash, and got some doorbell knob thingys. They aren’t the most attractive, but they’ll do, and they’ll allow Brad to move on to more important things. If I were as fussy as I’d like to be, we probably wouldn’t have any budget left to do anything BUT doorbell knobs, so, I let go where I can. I think that’s the key to not only staying sane, but also to getting the job done. You can so easily get bogged down in every tiny little detail, but in the end, you have to live in the space, too. Best to focus your design energy on things that can’t be changed easily: floors, windows, layouts, structural concerns, etc. As a wise little fish once said, “Just keep swimming.”