Satisfy my soul, satisfy my soul…

Day 27 and work cruised along steadily. Floors were sanded lightly to give the next coat of poly something to stick to, and a second coat of poly was then applied. The west bedroom closet floor was coated as well, and finish trim was installed inside the closet. Primer was applied, and the room was cleaned within an inch of its life (He even mopped! Thank you, Eric!). Durock was installed in the master bath, shelving niches for bath products were set in place, and the floor for the shower was packed into position. And, electrical work continued in the basement and upstairs main bath (where detective Brad found that previous electrical work we had done was NOT done correctly. Grr). Slow and steady was the name of the game today, and, appropriately enough, we had a reggae mix on to soothe the day along. Groovy.

The worst part of today: the fumes. Oh, my, my, my, the fumes! As they were applying the second coat of poly (nasty, nasty stuff), I actually had to leave the house because the odor gave me not only a headache, but made me a bit nauseous as well. I am SOOOOO glad that we will be gone when they are doing the entire first floor. So glad. Yet so sad that they, or anyone, ever has to inhale this stuff. It might have been easier if it had been sunny, or even warm today, but mid-sixties and gray, with occasional drizzle? Unpleasant. Later, I made the mistake of trying to get some process shots of Caleb as he tamped the shower floor, and walked into a room full of airborne cement particles. What was I thinking?! I survived, though, and likely will still live, though headachey I remain.

Word of advice to would-be renovators: make sure you have somewhere to go the day they finish your floors. Maybe stay over, wherever you end up, and have every window in the house that can open opened. Pictures, captured from the day.