This changes everything…

Day 18, and I’d like to say that the drywall install went down like a wild west showdown. Screw-guns slung, tape at the ready, spurs on the little drywall shoe/stilts that they wear, whistley-western music encouraging them… but, it wasn’t quite like that. After a brief interlude where Eric injured himself (merely a flesh wound!), work cruised along at a calm pace. The music selection was pleasant and soothing (it was, in fact, somewhat western, for most of the day) and everyone was focused on the task at hand. The humidity had blown away overnight, so the mud dried quickly, as had been hoped for, making prep for the next coat even better. All in all, a successful day.

Brad was able to work on the electrical/venting for the master shower (after a trip to the store to find just the right trim kit) and also changed out our laundry vent (he has issues with the whole venting set-up; I told him we can revisit it after the plumbers come charging through again). He’s plodding through the grueling work of accessing the main floor electrical via the basement, and he’s making good headway. I hope. Only he knows for sure. And he did energize some of the overhead lights in the kitchen in case the drywall dudes needed light, so that was exciting to see (real walls and ceilings! lit up!).

Walls and ceilings in almost every part of the renovation space make things more clear. We had to make a small adjustment to the placement of the undercabinet light wire in the pantry (it was a bit too high), but lucky for us, Brad was available, and quick. I don’t think it slowed them down one bit. But, it reminded me to be more vigilant with double checking measurements. If you have a specific idea in mind, be sure to express it as often and as clearly as possible (without being hideously annoying). If I had just taken my tape measure out last week I would have noticed the issue, and it could have been corrected even easier. Note to self: check, double check, triple check. Still, no harm, no foul.

In sadder news, Eric lost his Papa this week. Through the span of these four weeks (give or take) a new being (baby Eli) has been welcomed into the world, while Eric’s grandfather has been ushered out. It’s amazing how quickly life goes, and how much can happen in the span of only a few weeks. Cherish your family, your loved ones, your people. And cherish your home. It is, after all, where you live.