Basic space, open air; 
don’t look away, when there’s nothing there…*

Day 37 was kind of like a dud firework – you’re all excited for it to go off, and then, and then… it fizzles. Which, in this case, isn’t really a bad thing, it’s just the way things went. We had our countertop installers come by (Team Stone) to make some templates and confirm the details of the space, and had a wonderful surprise early visit from the plumbers (hooray!). However, our Team Carpentry was a man down (illness), and Team Tile got tied up with other business elsewhere (you mean to tell me I’m NOT your only client? Well, I never!), which made progress grind to a crawl. Planning, organizing, and design decisions were made, but not much physical happened.

Meanwhile, Jeff and I tried to get most of the living space packed up so we can shuffle it around the house (this is proving to be quite challenging). All this while Jeff was (still is) trying to work toward a deadline. So I enlisted help from a willing friend (thanks, Kizzle!), and did my best to keep moving (though we did manage to watch most of Saturday Night Fever while we worked, which was HILARIOUS, by the way).

And, to top it all off, I had some crazy setting on my camera (leftover from taking pictures in the bright afternoon sun), so most of my cool process pictures are shadowy messes. Ugh. It was that kind of day.

Some pictures, nonetheless, of some of the work that went down today. Enjoy!

* Today’s song inspiration is from XX by The XX, called “Basic Space.”