Back in the high life again…*

*Lyrics from Steve Winwood’s Back In The High Life Again. Yeah, I went there. Oh, and the video is terrifically awful. The ’80s were a different time.

Client kitchen – days 13, 14, 15 and a little bit on 15.5 (aka Saturday)

By the end of week three, the floors had been sanded and coated three times. Let me put that another way: the floors were sanded and coated and sanded and coated and sanded and coated. In that order. Just writing that was exhausting, so you can imagine how tiring it was to do. (I have to imagine it, too, since my primary function was to open and shut windows to avoid thunderstorms, and to turn on or off fans to help the floors dry smooth and clean.) The Team worked extra hard, watched the weather and the humidity adjusting their schedule to suit the optimal times to coat, and managed to get the entire space finished in the span of only a few days.

While the guys stunk up the house with noxious (and perhaps brain enlightening?) fumes, Mr and Mrs K escaped (after we strongly suggested they not be here for the process – I lived through our kitchen floor refinishing last year and I can tell you from experience: it’s not fun). Each time I got a face full (or nose full) of scent I was grateful that they were away. I know it’s not fun to be essentially kicked out of your already shrunken house, but knowing that they were not having to sleep with that off-gassing happening in the same house gave each of us peace of mind.

In addition to the flooring getting completed, the final coats of painting were finished on the entryway and powder room walls. The only thing left to do (paint-wise) will be touch-up any scuffed or scratched paint (hopefully minor) and to clean once the walls have fully cured. And while the painted, poly’d and prettified surfaces harden over the next several weeks, other little bits of progress will be made. Like cabinetry, shelves, baseboards, door jambs, finish electrical, tile work, plumbing and countertops. Phew.

A slew of photos spanning three days of toil. Enjoy! xoxo