Obligation, complication, routines and schedules drug and kill you…*

*Lyrics from Radiohead’s Little By Little from The King of Limbs album. Clearly, I’m obsessed. Try here for the remix. Also clearly, I have some more music shopping to do.

Days 2 & 3: Client Renovation

As predicted by Dave and Team Carpentry, demo and framing was done in two days. A full crew, fully caffeinated, fully focused and fully drenched in sweat ripped apart that room revealing ancient (ok, more like 90+ years old) lathe that was in good enough condition to be able to affix new drywall to. A bonus since that’s what Dave had hoped for. Also discovered (and expected, but not hoped for) non-plumb, non-level spots on the salvageable walls that will definitely make things trickier to install down the road. But, all in all, a successful two days of cleaning out the old to make way for the new.

New walls and entry ways are framed up, including a change in the plan that required a whole new ceiling in the powder room/pantry area, making the space feel defined, yet open and inviting. It’s always nice to see the bones of a room emerge from what was a rubble pile only hours (or minutes) earlier. Cavities and crevasses are open and waiting for the next portion of phase one: electrical and plumbing rough-ins.

Lucky for us, we have Osgood Electric on speed dial, and can rely on Brad to get the job done when we need him to be there. The jury is still out on the plumbers. For now, we wait. Wait to complete this phase of preparation and to get the ok from the inspectors to move forward. (Day 3 was a day of waiting for schedules to open up, but hopefully gave Mr & Mrs K a quiet day to catch up on living their normal life.) Once we make it through this initial hiccup of coordinating schedules (the most annoying thing for everyone, especially Mr & Mrs K who are without a kitchen!), we will be able to fly through this job. Dave predicts. We hope. Fingers crossed.

Some photos from day 2 for your voyeuristic pleasure. Enjoy!