Open your mouth wide, the universal sigh…*

*Lyrics from Radiohead’s song Bloom from their album The King of Limbs. I mean no disrespect by using the lyrics in this playful manner – the song, the album, both amazing. Worth every penny and every minute of listening. Every time.

There’s a light (shining at the Frankenstein place). There’s a ligh-hi-high-hi-high-hah-ha-hight (burning in the fireplace!). There’s a ligh-high-uh-hight in the darkness of everybody’s life. There’s also a light in my office now. So, woo-hoo!

Many moons ago I began compiling bits and pieces for my inevitable office transformation. Up until a few years ago I would have self-identified as a hair colorist who was struggling to find my place in the world. Now I’m not afraid to say I’m a budding artist and designer, and a student of interior design (albeit a former student). Before our kitchen renovation began I had a little tiny area of the kitchen that I referred to as my “hair studio.” Now I have a fully-fledged, proper office. With a portable drafting table, portfolio pieces, and countless implements for design and drawing. (Perhaps not countless, but who wants to count that sort of stuff?)

So I thought I ought to have a light to inspire said drawings. To beckon me into the space so I’ll keep learning, continue being a student (even if not in school, persay), to bejewel my head space. I found a sparkly number on clearance on some Overstock-like site and put it aside for the inevitable day that we’d get around to hanging it. Well, we made the time (and it took some, let me tell you) and it’s hung, delighting my eyes with its glistening, rainbow creating, crystalline orbs dangling and dancing in the center of the room.

Some photos, just of the light for now (full office update to come). Delight in the light. Enjoy! xoxo