Time after time you’ll hear me say that I’m so lucky to be loving you…*

*Lyrics from Chet Baker’s Time After Time. Not to be confused with Cindi Lauper’s Time After Time. That’s a whole different song.

We now take a break from our (ir)regularly scheduled, interiors focused blog posts to breathe, and thank the nature gods that our house survived the 8″ of heavy, wet snow that was dumped on us last weekend. That’s the weekend before Halloween. All plans I had to get pumpkins and mums during the weekend (since I’ve had nary a chance to do anything for my own house due to moving my mom into her condo), to carve up some scary scenes to light up in the lovely fall night to beckon small children to the door, to simply go grocery shopping (!) were dashed by lingering details that needed doing at my mom’s old place, and the enormous storm that left nearly everyone I know without power.

The lucky part of all of this is that we never lost power. Our neighborhood was pitch black on one side (where an apparent outage had occurred), but our house, and our side of the street was saved. We lost internet/cable for two days and our cell phone service is still touch and go, but we have power. Water. Hot water. Heat. Things that were (and still are, unfortunately) luxuries for my friends and colleagues throughout the past several days. And even though the workers were/are out in droves, nothing could have combatted the extensive damage that trees full of leaves suffered when the snow snapped their arms (and sometimes heads) right off. The poor trees have suffered. Yes they have.

So, in our area (in New England) this year we’ve had: tornadoes; earthquakes; historic flooding from a tropical storm; and now historic snowfall in October. These strange goings-ons do not bode well for the impending winter season. Or for the rest of fall for that matter. Makes me want to prepare for the apocalypse, zombie or otherwise. The world is changing all around us.

Anyway, some photos of the neighborhood for those of you who are not near. Hope everyone’s safe, sound and remembers how important it is to be grateful for all you have. Every day. xoxo