From the West side, to the East side…*

*Lyrics from Randy Newman’s I Love LA. Totally cheesy, totally appropriate, totally ’80s. Deal with it.

You know how, when you’re getting ready to go on vacation, you try to do everything you can to make your return home just as relaxing as you know your trip will be? You do all your laundry, make your bed, clean the house, do the dishes, mop the floors, clean the fridge, clean the bathrooms, deodorize the carpets, etc., etc. Yeah, well, we may think we can get it all done, but we never do, do we? (And, for the record, I got one bedroom clean, and the laundry washed, but not folded – that’s it.) One of the tasks I had set out to do before we left on a trip to the left coast to visit family and friends was to load my blog photos onto Jeff’s computer (since it was really a working trip for him – vacations are hard to plan when you  own your own business) so I could blog while we were away (huzzah for multi-tasking!). Forget the fact that I didn’t have time (or energy – we spent half the week adjusting to LA time) to spend hours pouring over pictures, editing images and thinking up quippy captions, and finding songs to accompany my riveting posts; in this case, I didn’t have the pictures either. I believe this is the time when you could stamp a huge ‘FAIL’ on my forehead.

I had hoped to update you on whatever goings on I had, er, going on right before we left, but then, when we landed, we were immediately (and happily) immersed in visiting family, in particular our new (7-1/2 month new) niece who moved (with her parents, duh) to LA in January. We hadn’t seen the crew in the flesh (Skype is an ok substitute, but really, nothing compares to baby drool and claw-like sharp baby fingernails gouging out your eyes) since they left NYC, and were anxious to bond with the wee one, and do some outdoor activities with Jeff’s sister and husband. We also got to check in with other friends who’ve left the east coast (some recently, some years ago), making the trip entirely about face time, and not so much with the computer. I have to admit it was a welcome break (not that I don’t love, rely on, couldn’t live without technology).

I do have some projects underway that will be update-able soon: we moved some plants around in the yard and spruced up (weeded, swept, put out summer furniture on) the patio and porch; the basement is moving along, with carpet being installed as I type; I’m nearly done refinishing the desk for my older niece (who’s almost 9!!); we’ve got more art in the form of photos printing out and getting ready to hang; and I’m getting ready to start my first curtain sewing projects for two spaces in the house that could use some love. But, I don’t have anything done done yet. (I know, booo! hiss! boooo!)

For now, I will leave you with some photos from my instagram account (download the app, then search for me by my account name @sohappyhome), the only updating I did while I was out there (in part to try to lure a friend to ditch his east coast digs for west coast adventures). I’m still working out which filters I like best, what makes for a good shot (each medium is different), and how much information is too much information (pretty or interesting pictures only, please!). But, for a tiny glimpse into my getaway (Jeff rocked the big camera, and I still haven’t gotten the rest of our trip pictures from him), or just a peek at what the world looks like on the west coast, have a gander. Enjoy! xoxo