One more time, for the cheap seats!

Ok, so it’s about 12 hours before mayhem begins. Dumpster scheduled for delivery in the morning, dudes will be showing up (quantity?) starting around 8am, and the prep work here isn’t done yet. Nearly, but not yet. Whew, it’s gonna be a long summer.

Things we’ve learned thus far:

1.) It’s not easy to cook in the living room when you only have a sink either upstairs or down. Water is ESSENTIAL to making a kitchen work.

2.) Everything we think that will take 10 minutes takes a half hour, and those half hours add up. We’re behind, and we haven’t even begun yet.

3.) Extreme heat and humidity, combined with the extreme nature of the renovation process does not make for a bicker-free household. Luckily, we rebound well from tiffs.

With a sore back, a mini-sunburn (from yard work both here and at Dad’s place on the lake) and a sweatified-grumpy attitude I await the coming days with a sense of dread and excitement. I’m certain that this process won’t be easy. And I’m also certain that this process will be incredibly rewarding. I’m grateful beyond words for the opportunity to partake in such an endeavor, and I’m looking forward to every bit of it, even the hard stuff.

Until next time, kick back with your favorite beverage, enjoy a cool shower, the ability to wash your hands as often as you like while cooking, and the privacy that comes with not having to share your entire house with at least a handful of contractors.

Do it for me.


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