Duh-nuh, duh-nuh, duh-nuh…

Day 13, and now I’m superstitious. Ok, not really, but the electrical inspector stood us up. Didn’t call, didn’t send flowers, just never showed. After three calls (and a few HOURS waiting) we learned that he was “really busy” that morning. How nice for him. How nice for him to make an appointment and then totally ignore it. Grr. He’s supposed to come tomorrow. We’ll see about that. I’m sure this humid, sticky, return-to-summer weather isn’t helping our patience. At least the electrical is ready to be inspected (high five, Brad!).

In other news: plumbing! The plumbers came, first one, then another, then the pair were reunited, and everything got roughed in. Plumbing is über foreign stuff to me, and the plumbers aren’t so chatty (because they’re so busy working), so I can’t really tell what the next steps are. But, their inspection is tomorrow, too (fingers crossed some more), so we’ll see how we do. We had a tiny miscommunication (the picture and words were clear, but the hand-off to plumber 2 didn’t translate) and the plumber had to come back to fix a small placement error. Luckily he recognized his error straight away, and came back straight away to fix it (and lucky for me, I’m all up in their business with my camera, and noticed the mistake as I was snapping away for the blog). [Reminder: pay close attention to the details, and don’t be afraid to check the work that’s being done. Details matter, and for the most part they get checked, and double checked. So, triple check. It can be that important.] Other than that, success with regard to the plumbing! Phew. They knocked it out, and worked hard, music free to get everything ready for the inspection. Good work, dudes!

Measurements were taken for sheetrock/drywall (whatever you want to call it), and insulation, and orders were placed. Delivery: Monday. Then, Tuesday will be another dusty day with “rock” install and the promise of high-pitched saws running all day long. Whee! Before all that, though, is the building inspection, which is scheduled for Friday morning. Let’s hope all the inspectors aren’t so busy that they just don’t show up, and that we pass with flying colors. With the amount of care, effort, and energy poured into this place, I can’t imagine that everyone won’t get gold stars on their inspections (that’s how they rate you, right? with stickers, like the ones you get for memorizing your multiplication tables in 4th grade?).

The week is passing right along, but we don’t have that much to photograph. Much of what will be happening in the next two days, aside from inspections, is wiring inside walls and ceilings, and won’t be seen by us at all. Brad will work ninja-style on the electrical, and, in the end, we won’t even know he’s been here, but for the safety we feel. Even though we can’t see much of it, I know it’s there, and it comforts me to know it’s being upgraded. Once we get to the part where we hang all the lights, and dress everything up, Brad’s work will literally shine for all to see.

Next up for us: decisions. Regarding paint and stain colors. Regarding countertop slabs. Regarding tile patterns. Regarding a glass shower enclosure. Regarding a few more lighting fixtures. I suppose that with those decisions come bills, and with those bills come a bit more resolve finish strong, and beautiful.

A few photos, anyway. Enjoy!