It’s electric (dut-dut-duh-do-doo-tuh-doo-do-doo)…

Day 14, humid, sweaty, rainy, done. Today was a simple day with simple needs: get inspected and pass. The electrical inspector DID show up today, and did give us a passing grade! Woo hoo! The plumbing inspector also showed up, early, and waited in his car until the appointed time (I thought he was being polite). Turns out HE was being stood up by the electrical inspector who was supposed to meet him here! The electrical inspector had already come and gone by then. Well, the plumbing inspector wasn’t too pleased, but he was able to remain rather pleasant to me. We have to add some sort of “future vent” in the basement, but other than that, things are looking good! (If I get more information on what exactly a future vent is, I will let you know.)

Brad and Frank worked all day stringing wires up and down walls and chases, through bays and voids to end up with some progress, albeit nearly invisible to the lay person. I’m assured that progress was made, and that we’re moving right along in terms of the wiring update. When I asked Brad what I should photograph he suggested I snap walls and ceilings with the caption promising that there are wires in there, and they’re cool. I told you, sense of humor: check.

But I really don’t have much to show for our day today, mainly the promise of more work. Tomorrow we have our building inspection, and (hopefully) a field trip to look at stone for our countertops. Maybe I’ll get some pictures there. Until then, get thee to some air conditioning!