Let’s get it started in here…

Day 15 (last Friday) came and went, and no, you didn’t miss a post. We had our building inspection, and passed (hooray!) but the inspector wants to come back after insulation install (he’s due tomorrow morning). And then we had our field trip to Ashfield Stone to get some preliminary estimates and appointments set up, and to get some general information. I decided not to take any pictures until we actually go to choose the slabs. Delayed gratification.

So I spent the rest of the day on Friday weeding. And Saturday. And Sunday. And we discovered we have a pretty icky grub infestation (which we suspected, but until now had not found actual evidence). So our lawn care man, Bob, came by on Saturday to put down some organic treatment, at the same time that we had a meeting scheduled with our tile contractor to go over our preliminary plans. Again, I shall delay your gratification, and shan’t show any actual finish materials until they’re ready to go in. (I have to keep you reading, right?) Then, after some snuggle time (who am I kidding, it was poop time – I have the touch!) with Dave’s baby, Eli, we had a surprise visit from two members of the Heidner family (the elder daughter, Mrs. George? and her son), the original owners and residents of our humble abode.

Ray Heidner’s father (I think I have this right) had the house built in 1920, and from 1940 to 1982 Ruth and Ray Heidner dwelled here, built their family here, had four children, who then had their own children, who now have children of their own, and each of the surviving members have their own memories of this as their family home. We were so happy to have them, and welcome any other Heidners (with or without the Heidner surname) to pop by for a visit. (I regret that in all the excitement of the impromptu visit I can’t recall their exact names! I’m sorry! Please write in to correct me!) It was so nice to hear more stories about the house, and to show them the changes we’re making. Lucky for us, they approved.

And, as for those changes, we’ve begun week 4, day 16, with what’s being called Phase 2-A: Insulation and Drywall. The guys worked all day in the humidity and heat hauling drywall to its final destination (the guys are so organized! I love it!), and installing insulation, until their supply ran out (for the record, they measured correctly; the store sent the wrong kind, then ran out of the right kind). Itchy, sweaty and altogether uncomfortable, Dave and Eric still managed to get almost all (save for the absent material) of the install complete, just in time for the last inspection before drywall gets installed! Walls, people! Walls!

So, without further adieu, pictures!