Like painted kites, those days and nights, they went flyin’ by…

Week 9, days 41 through 45, came and went while we dawdled along on vacation. I can’t say that Jeff dawdled along, he worked most of it, while Bec and I alternated between napping, cooking (well, she didn’t cook, of course) and going for walks. Though the weather was so chilly that the walks and outdoorsy times I had hoped for were sort of curtailed (I didn’t pack correctly, while rushing around trying to FIND things on our way out, and after we learned the hard way that our dryer at home was not working), I did manage to see the sea, the sunset, and had a walk in the sand.

But, while we were out, the Team went to town on our nearly completely sanded floors (I never want to live through that again) by staining, and triple polyurethaning the main floor and stairs. They also trimmed out windows, doors, and baseboards, painting the woodwork along the way. Things look pretty good, save for the sanding dust that crept into every room in the house, despite our best efforts to keep it out (stuffing towels underneath the doors apparently didn’t do the trick), and the bits and bobbles of debris that I have pretty much lost all tolerance for (that vacation spoiled me into remembering what a CLEAN house feels like). I have reached the point in the process where I finally understand why people can’t stand living through a renovation. I have grown mighty weary of the filth. But, eyes on the prize, right, y’all?

Our vacation from the fumes, debris, and general public-ness of the process was much needed, but also put into focus our desperate desire to finish. I don’t think we came back with any renewed energy (perhaps the opposite?), or any new enthusiasm (I think I may have become less enthusiastic, tolerant, and forgiving), but we are likely better rested, and better fed (vegetables!) than we have been in weeks. I am hopeful that one last day of being a vegetable will help to sooth and smooth out our slightly grouchy return to reality, and that seeing the Team again will help us to remember why we’re doing this in the first place.

But, some pictures, to catch you up on our progress. Enjoy!