Please, please, please, don’t you know that I need you?…

Week 10, day 46, and we’re off and running. Well, maybe more like walking. You’re really not supposed to run with sharp objects in your hands anyway. Not safe at all. But, the Team arrived to a less fume-ridden house, the floors having cured well enough since the last coat to be walked on lightly with socks, and tomorrow with shoes (though that’s really only so the dog can walk out of the house on her own, instead of being hoisted by Jeff). We’ll probably all still do the sock thing for a few more days. I will, anyhow.

And we went over some of our finish concerns and questions with the Team (just to reconnect that we’re all still on the same page). Good communication is key to any job, and construction/building is no different. Lucky for us, our Team knows us well enough to understand our jitters (it’s still all quite overwhelming and new to us, er, me), and is forgiving of our nit-picky ways. Not unlike the craziness it would be to floss mid-meal, we might have been around too much clean space last week, and were hoping for too much clean too soon. Still, we all want the house to start to feel like a home again, rather than a workshop, and the Team was understanding of our feelings. We really are in good hands. It’s a relief to know that once again.

Today was also about planning and design, challenging un-level floors, and creating as much continuity and symmetry as possible to make all the trim work together. We also had to tackle some upcoming design questions, as we won’t be around to answer questions for most of tomorrow (appointments, etc.). This is the hardest part for us, as we can’t really know what questions they’re going to have until they have them. We’ve never even considered trim details before, so imagining everything, being able to picture the final result when you’ve never seen it in person – let’s just say it ain’t easy. We’re all doing our best to work together, to foresee questions (and answers) ahead of time, and to try to keep the train rolling along. But the train, she gets so heavy sometimes.

Hardly any pictures from today. Not that nothing happened, but, well, it’s the stuff that takes the longest, makes the most impact, and has the least prominence. Wild stuff, that trim. Wild, tricky, intricate, detailed, fine carpentry style stuff. Enjoy a few anyway!