Take a break, you must be tired from the strain…

Day 47 (Tuesday) happened completely without us. I mean, we had a Tuesday, but not at the work-camp/homefront. Jeff and I had to make a trip to NYC to beautify a bride-to-be (Jeff’s sister) while the Team kept at it with the baseboard trim. They also mocked up the piece that will sit atop the cabinets – I believe we’re calling it the head casing? – though it’s really so much more like a piece of cabinetry. After much discussion and planning, we came to a decision! We have a plan for the cabinets, one that I think it will make them appear more built-in, more custom, more classic, almost original-esque. Very happy indeed.

Day 48, however, began with a bang. Literally. Dave’s car had a (non-injury causing, non-dangerous) tire blowout on his way here. And while Dave was sorting out what turned out to be only a nuisance (thankfully he and the car were unscathed), we met with our glass shower door representative, Tom of Oasis Shower Doors. Once Tom took a look at Caleb and J.J.’s amazing work, he insisted upon helping us out with the prices so that we could use the higher end glass. (Thanks, Tom!) We’re paying a bit more than we hoped, but we’re getting exactly what we hoped for, so everything worked out in the end. Exciting!

The Team continued on with their meticulous, careful measuring and building of, basically, cabinet pieces to finish out the tops of where the cabinets meet the ceiling. And, I must say, it totally changes the look of the room. Grand, handsome, classic, tall – these are all words I would use to describe the look. I think Eric might call it sexy. Either way, we’re all very, very happy.

The work at this stage is much slower, more careful, and demands more concentration and skill. The guys didn’t even have music playing today as their heads were occupied with complicated math and problem solving. (I also think the return of the heat may have melted their brains a little, and they didn’t have the patience to work the electronics AND all the other stuff they had going on.) And, as the work pace slows down, so, too, will the blog posts reduce a bit (at least the photos will be lesser for a bit). It’s difficult to photograph contemplation and multiplication. I’ve tried.

But, I did manage to get some photos from today (the Team was gracious enough to let me hang around while they built one of the structures). So, for now, enjoy some of the spoils of two very skilled dudes!