OhmygodwhathaveIdone? (Do it again) AllIwantedwasalittlefun (Do it again)…

Day 39, and I’m still reeling from the quantity of things that got done today. First, a roster of people working at the house today: Dave, Eric, Frank, Brad, Matt, Josh, Caleb and J.J. (I’m out of breath just listing them!) Second, a list of things they worked on: sinks, faucets, toilets, refrigerator, dishwasher, wall ovens, cooktop, trim paint, door jambs, shower tile, door removal, stair sanding, floor sanding, clean-up and reorganization. (Phew!) The project just went from plodding along to full-throttle in the span of a day.

So, not only did the Teams kill it in terms of productivity today, we were also quite productive with our trip to Ashfield Stone. First, I met up with a member of Team Stone (Tom Holden) to grab the templates for our kitchen (his trip to Ashfield was postponed earlier in the week, otherwise he’d have brought them out for us). Next – with Carla, Brandon and Johanna’s help – we were able to choose the final slabs for the kitchen, enabling Team Quarry to get started on the countertop fabrication. We’re hoping for countertop install to happen sometime either mid-week after we get back, or the following week (last week in September). It’s gonna be tight to get it all done before October, but I’m hopeful!

With such a day as this, pictures really are worth more than any of these words. Enjoy!

My title inspiration comes from a Chemical Brothers song from 2007 called “Do it again.”


  1. Carla@Ashfieldstone.com'Carla

    Hi Kati –
    Fun to see our names here (Team Quarry – I like it)! How come I don’t see any photos of the stone here? Just curious…
    Talk to you soon!

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