One by one, one by one, it comes to us all…

Week 11 began, but we didn’t. Sickness took hold of us, and held us in our beds whether we wanted to be there or not (we didn’t). So, day 51 (Monday) happened, but nothing happened. Unless you count sleeping. At least it was raining, and therefore didn’t seem so horrible to have work stopped. So, now we’re onto day 52 (Tuesday), and it’s slow going. We’re all still sickly, and trying to do what we can to be a bit productive, but not so much that we extend the sickness beyond its natural conclusion. So, ugh. That’s what’s up.

Dave and I talked about the game plan, arriving at a sensible way to tackle the remainder of the project. He’s going to help us paint this week, instead of doing laborious and brain intensive carpentry while sick, and we will try to finish up the non-kitchen zones as much as possible this week. A good plan, especially for our energy-zapped heads to understand. Repetitive motion (painting, cleaning) is feasible, and will be a nice visual to encourage our moods (affected as they are by the deadly combo of crappy weather and crappy colds).

So, not much in the way of pictures. Some trim was replaced and repaired, while Dave organized his materials, made lists for additional supplies, and just generally wrapped his sick brain around the project. Things are different as a solo entity, and Team Carpentry just shrank to Team Dave.

More things are on deck for the week’s end, though, so there’ll be more to see later on. For now, just a few. Enjoy!