You were born with ten fingers and you’re gonna use them all…

Day 53 started before I got up. Well, okay, any given day always does, yes, but today production was afoot while I stayed in bed. Dave was experiencing more car trouble, and had a carpool ride that dropped him off in the wee small hours of the morning.  As Dave was feeling back to normal (woo-hoo!), he got started by painting another coat onto the trim in the master bath.  As my cold was on its way out (double woo-hoo!), I was able to help Dave sand some of the balusters on the staircase, and began painting the ones on the upstairs landing (nothing like sweating out a cold!). Even though Dave (obviously) did the bulk of the work today, I loved feeling useful again (I hate being sick), and loved seeing progress in the house. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there is nothing like a fresh coat of white paint.

Dave also managed to get a coat and a half of paint onto the master closet walls, removed a door to the master bath (makes the room seem sooo much bigger – Jeff’s call, he gets full credit on this one), painted 2/3 of the upstairs hallway (an extension of the foyer), and managed 3 coats of paint on the trim in the master bath (extra coats for a humid space). I’m pretty sure he also did some cleaning/organizing/prep stuff, too, before we got up (and started to force him to listen to the Vampire Weekend station on Pandora). He got a lot done.

So, I got sanding, cleaning, painting, lawn mowing and a haircut done today. Not bad for the tail end of a cold, I’d say. Plus, the weather turned out to be sunny today. Thanks, Mother Nature. We totally needed that.

Some pictures of our painting adventures. Up tomorrow: countertops!! (Are you all jumping up and down like I am?) Enjoy!