Ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend…

Day 59 was busy, eventful, and soooo satisfying. Team Dave got here early and began working on the math and layout for the pantry cabinet right away. Since the weather was mainly dry, and pretty much sunny-ish (partly sunny – I get it now, weather people) he decided to dive right into the carpentry since the rain has been keeping him indoors painting for a week. (Plus I think he craves sawdust. It’s a sickness. I don’t think he’s getting treatment.) Shortly thereafter, J.J. and Caleb arrived at immediately started walking tile up those walls. It was a great start to the day (especially after the whole plumbing fiasco from yesterday).

By mid-morning, Brad (of Team Electric) stopped by to help Caleb slide the hood away from the wall so he could slip his tile behind it for a better fit, and to move some electrical in the pantry (to accommodate the design change that was made due to a framing error). Brad’s last minute availability, combined with the speed and ease with which everything was getting done was so serendipitous that I decided to tempt fate and try to find the cast chrome shower drain and some sheet metal to make a radiator cover. My trip was a success! Found the shower drain at the best plumbing supply house in Western Mass, Plimpton and Hills (which I’ve been calling Plunkett and Macleane for no reason whatsoever), and was surprised and delighted to find the metal I needed at Home Depot (and they were super nice and helpful! It was crazy!).

By the end of the day, the backsplash tile was in a good place (including the framework for the Union Jack detail that had to be custom fit to the space), the pantry was on its way to being done (the hardest bits tackled) and the shower grout was finished. A good day, productive, intermittently sunny, mostly dry, good day. Ahhh. I needed that.

Some pictures, including some inspiration shots from neighbors’ houses around the ‘hood (we all have special windows – I say let’s make them a feature!). Enjoy!