C’mon y’all know I had to kill her…*

Day 57 started off great. Stone getting worked on (sinks, seams and sealer!) and paint happening all around. And then I got ill. Feverish, sleeping all day, sick to my stomach ill. Not fun. So I missed the rest of it. And now we’re finishing day 58. So it’s a combo post, not because nothing happened, but because sickness struck again. Ugh. (Still mending, not quite 100% yet… maybe 67%? Perhaps 78%? Remains to be seen.)

But, my health issues aside, so much has changed in a day! The whole house is painted, or nearly so, tile is being installed, countertops are in, the sink is in, the dishwasher is in place… we can almost imagine a day in the not too distant future where we’ll actually get to have a kitchen! It’s so good. So, first, on Tuesday, Team Stone finished up the install on the countertops (which look UH-MAY-ZING, by the way), and Team Dave finished painting, oh, just about everything! (Love you, Dave!) I staggered downstairs at one point later in the day (in my pj’s, looking ever so pathetic, I’m sure) and was amazed by how much paint can change the feeling of a space. No more do we have paint samples painted all over the walls in the foyer, or dingy looking trim. It’s all fresh, bright, and clean. It made me as happy as anything can make someone in my state. (I promptly went back to sleep.)

Then, today, I woke up feeling a bit better, determined to feel better knowing that we had a full roster of people coming back to work… Team Tile, Team Electric, Team Dave (of course), Team Plumbing. But wait, what’s that? Team Plumbing is blowing us off again?! What the friggin’ frig! Grrr… after spending weeks trying to pin down the plumbers, and then finally getting them to agree to come back on Wednesday and Thursday to fix the issues from their previous install (that they did WRONG, I might add), they nonchalantly just didn’t show up – no call, no nothing. Well, poop. Double poop. (You may add your own R-rated expletives here. I know I did.) So, no to Team Plumbing. They’re probably not going to get voted “most likely to succeed.”

Team Electric got the dishwasher all set up, energized and ready to go, save for the water supply and drain, of course. (Brad’s good, always goes above and beyond, but water? Hey, that’s what the plumbers are for… oh, right. They never showed.) Team Tile (who welcomed a new member to their family recently – congratulations J.J.!) started off the backsplash process by measuring out the focal point detail for above the cooktop, and figuring out the field tile from there. After that, tile just flew up onto the wall! Ok, so they carefully measured, placed and set the tile in a professional manner, but it was so great to see such immediate progress again. So, so great.

Meanwhile, Team Dave finished up some preparation for the pantry, and completed some carpentry odds and ends – mirror frame, mitre returns, and the door panel on the peninsula. Things are starting to get wrapped up, tidied up, and shifted toward the outside (the tools are all outside, the mess, therefore, is mainly outside). It’s really happening. And I can’t really believe it.

So, pictures, from Tuesday and Wednesday. Almost there! Enjoy!

*Lyrics from Morcheeba’s 2002 album Charango, track “Women Lose Weight” in honor of my sudden onset stomach flu.