And I think to myself, what a wonderful world…*

Day 56 started week 12 (!) today, with all of our eyes on the finish line. Team Dave got here at the crack (again) starting off the week finishing up painting the trim in the downstairs. I even got in the spirit of things by finishing up the paint on the balustrade in preparation for painting the entire railing system at the end of the job (don’t want to have tradespeople coming up and down the stairs grabbing onto wet paint, do we?). But my painting efforts were interrupted (happily) by the arrival of Team Stone with our countertops! I happily ditched my fresh container of paint to snap some photos and drool over the absolutely gorgeous stone (thank you, Team Quarry!)

The incredibly heavy pieces were hauled in one slab at a time, and nudged, shimmed, and coaxed into place throughout the day. The seams were epoxied, and readied for the next phase of installation: sinks, seams and sealer. The entire installation process should be finished up by tomorrow, but I had to capture some of the stone today to share with you, my devoted readers. I’ve been promising the countertops for days now, and I am so happy to finally have something major to show you!

Without further adieu, enjoy!

* This song inspiration is for my newly married sister-in-law who had this song at the start of her wedding. Love you, sister from another mister!


    1. So Happy Home Post author

      Thanks so much! My contractor is going to whip up a radiator cover inspired by your recent HandyMan build… thank you for all your inspiring projects! xoxo

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