And we wait for something beauuuuutiful…*

Each year, in January, stores have their annual “white sales” where they discount sheets and bedding, towels and bath items to make room for… something. Anyway, amid the sea of white that we have been surrounded by in one of the snowiest Januarys we’ve had in a long, long time, I, too, participated in the deals of the white sale. Discounted shams and a duvet cover for the soon-to-be-redesigned guest room (the purple room), a lightweight blanket and towels (from The Company Store), and just yesterday, a new lightweight quilt-type blanket from Target at 50% off (locals take note: Holyoke store has bunches of clearance bedding, FYI). So, white was the order of the month, by me and by Mother Nature. But it didn’t end there.

Not only did I surround myself with white sale merchandise (which was not all white, I might add), I took on the odious task of trying to skim the family bath ceiling. Now, if I had some experience, or some innate ability this might not have been so unpleasant. But I didn’t. I’d just watched Dave do it multitudes of times, watched Brian do it incredibly skillfully, and knew that in order to keep the budget under control I’d have to tackle it myself. Gulp. I needed to try to smooth out the evidence of where the aforementioned stupid wall had been on the ceiling. This meant we could salvage the ceiling (hello budget saver!). But it meant that I’d be staring at a lot of white for many, many days.

Even though joint compound starts out grey, it dries white, and then we wanted to paint the ceiling white (with caulking on the seams that’s, er, white). And I needed to get some primer on the butcher block counter piece that we’re going to craft into our bathroom counter. White primer. White paint. White ceiling. White joint compound and caulking. White bedding. White snow. It’s been a white-out over here. But, we also took a moment to hang the light fixture in the master bedroom (which is not white! but it’s silver, so that’s kind of close). So were able to do at least one non-white thing on the home front.

Oh, and an update on Team Tile. They were delayed. By something white. Namely: snow. But it’s ok. I was able to tackle the ceiling without interruption, and have the room in a good place for their next available date. I shan’t name the day for fear of jinxing it. But it’ll be soon. Fingers crossed. (Just don’t cross them so hard your fingers turn white.)

So, some pictures of our white-fest for you to peruse. Enjoy!

Song lyrics from Julia Stone’s Catastrophe! off of her album, The Memory Machine.


  1.'Holyoke Home

    That light fixture is amazing. I wonder if I could Mr. Man to go for something like that……hmmmm…..

    Dumb question, I don’t know what you mean by ‘stupid wall’? Can you say more about this?

    1. So Happy Home Post author

      Not a dumb question at all! I think I may often say things in person that don’t end up in the blog – the so-called “stupid wall” was the full height wall that we removed during demo (check out this post for more pictures ). I called it stupid because I had no access to the space just behind said wall… unless I was about 3″ thick (thin?) I couldn’t reach the window for cleaning or opening, and had to crawl under the sink to get to the floor. It was mega stupid. But now we have a tiny pony wall (since corner tubs are pricey, and alcove tubs are more affordable) that’s much less stupid. It might even end up being smart. (The initial post on the Family Bath Project is here: and I think it shows just how awkward the room was when we got started.) Thanks for checking in on the blog, HH!

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