Guess what, I am not a robot…*

I may not be a robot, but Team Carpentry (with some help from friends) were like machines tearing out the worst parts of the family bath (namely: everything). It seems like forever ago that we started the process of designing, shopping for, and hiring for our family bathroom makeover. But it was more like a few weeks ago. Boy, things change, though, once you rip down some walls, and rip out some fixtures. In a good way.

Early on we planned for inevitable issues that we thought we’d run into (based on our experience with the kitchen renovation). We fully expected the ceiling to crack. It didn’t. We thought the walls that we needed to rip out were plaster. They weren’t. We thought that we’d have to re-drywall parts of the room. We don’t. We’ve been so lucky. What we didn’t know (what we couldn’t have known) is that there was a stud running right up the center of the wall that we needed to run the plumbing. Ugh. We thought that cutting into it, or otherwise vibrating the wall in any way would crack the plaster on the outside (hallway side) of the wall. No crack. I’m telling you. Lucky, ducky.

What we knew that did come true: the tub had to be manually carried out in one whole piece, and the new tub had to make the same trip in reverse. That part came true. I can tell you from witnessing it first hand, I never wanted to hug and kiss people so much in my life. And I was powerless to aid (other than opening a door, and keeping the dog out of the way), which was hard. I wasn’t nearly strong enough, and would have suffered serious injury had I helped. In fact, I think some of the strong dudes that lovingly helped out might have had a few days of lingering pains. It was not fun. And, as Jeff put it, never again. But I made chili as a reward. I don’t think it quite covered it. But it’s done!

I really can’t say how much I love them for their hard work. Special thanks go to to Jeff Falcon, Paul Kelliher, Dave Boutilier, Brad Osgood (of Team Hook A Sista’ Up), and of course Dave Powell and Jonas (holy crap, I don’t know your last name!) of Team Carpentry (aka: Team Help A Sista’ Out). I love you guys. But you knew that.

The family bath was emptied, the purple room (guest room, and current workshop) was filled with several 85lb.+ bags of trash, and we now have to figure out where to bring our old toilet, tub (which is in the garage) and sink. We’ll get to that soon enough. For now, some photos of the spoils of the lovely Team Plus’s labor. Enjoy!

*Song lyrics for today’s post from Marina & The Diamond’s I Am Not A Robot.