You’re a little late, I’m already torn…*

Who knew that the family bathroom renovation meant moving more rooms of furniture around to make work for the workers? Well, we sure didn’t. It took us going through the 3-day closet renovation to realize that having the Teams work out of the basement was not only inefficient (and extra tiring for them), it was also wreaking havoc on our main level (joint compound does not vacuum out of sisal, just FYI). So we decided that we could spare our guest bedroom for the few weeks that it would take to get the job done.

We waited until after the holiday family extravaganza (with guests filling up all our spare spaces) to undo the rooms enough to make space for Team Carpentry (also know as Team Help A Sista’ Out) to have a landing pad to drop their gear, and to deposit the debris from the demo that was scheduled for this past weekend. I realized, as we were protecting yet another floor from imminent demise (if left unprotected), that I had never really chronicled what I (with some major help from family and friends) had done to protect practically our entire house during our summer renovation.

So, here are some photos of the proper way to protect a floor from wear and tear (and scratches and spills). If you’re going to undertake doing this yourself: wear gloves. I have a few nasty paper cuts from tearing cardboard by hand (I do not rock sandpaper hands like Dave), and I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer the same injury (insult added by dicing jalapeno peppers, onions and chipotle in adobo – yowie!). The few hours (and bits of blood) it takes to properly protect your floors are so worth it. (I skipped this step with the closet renovation and have some scratches and scuffs as a result. Boo. Hoo.)


*Lyrics for today’s post: Natalie Imbruglia’s 1998 hit, Torn.