You are sound itself, and you are flight…*

Who knew that blogging could make the world so small? But in a great way!

When Jeff and I started designing the kitchen and bath renovations we looked for inspirational images in magazines, books, on TV and the internet. It was then that I discovered (quite late, I’m afraid) the entire world of design blogs out there. Of course I had come across some while in design school (thanks to my lovely school peeps, you know who you are), but I hadn’t really found all the cool DIY ones, or the really homespun ones. Initially I discovered Rambling Renovators, a really great blog for inspirational design ideas and DIY stories (her husband HandyMan is, well, really handy) based in Toronto, Canada. It was where I got the inspiration for our floors in the half bath. But the tale doesn’t end there.

Through reading comments on blogs you can find other blogs you like, too. So I did. And now I have several that I read every day, and hunt for others by reading recommendations, or checking out links left by commenters. So, by sheer happenstance, I discovered Holyoke Home, a blog from right here in Holyoke, MA, while reading comments on a blog based in Canada. Who’d have thought I’d have to go to Canada and back to discover a neighbor in my same city? Anyway, I checked out the blog – which has some great posts about local arts, architecture and antique-home DIY dilemmas – and contacted the author just to say hello. And she asked me to write a guest post on her blog! How cool is that?

So, without further ado, read about the house (again), or just check out Holyoke Home, or the other blogs you see listed, commenting or recommended. You won’t regret it.

Oh, and here are some beauty shots of wintertime in Holyoke. Enjoy!

* Lyrics from the Castanets You Are The Bloodthough I first heard this song as a cover by Sufjan Stevens on the Dark Was The Night album compilation.



    I forgot to put the white-balance back to AUTO on the camera, which is why everything is blue. And the thought of color correcting all the photos was too much to bear. It looks more wintery anyway, so it works in a way.

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