They make it so hard on us baby, it’s so hard on us baby…*

Over a week since my last post and not much more has happened in the family bath. Well, except for Brad getting our ceiling fan wired in, installing a light in our new closet (now I have to finish that paint job, too), finishing up the wiring of the floor mat and fixing a sensitive circuit breaker in the basement. I guess that’s a lot, but not very photogenic. We’re still waiting for J.J. to come back (hopefully by week’s end). So we wait some more.

In an effort to remain sane, and to regain patience with this project, Jeff and I headed to NYC for the weekend to help my brother and his girlfriend paint their new apartment. Two achey-breaky days in our former haunt made us nostalgic for times gone by, and fully aware of how far we’ve come design-wise. Looking through old photos of our many, many apartments is like looking at all the terrible haircuts and style choices from my teenage years: embarrassing, funny and little scary (I actually liked that? Yikes!).

So, I thought, in addition to the progress shots of Brad’s work, and the obligatory icicle shots (I mean, come on, would you expect anything less?), I thought I’d take you back in time to the early days of my time with the hubby (when we were just living in sin), and show you our (then, circa 2002) proudest decorating moment. Prepare to laugh. Enjoy!

*Lyrics from Jenny Lewis’ Trying My Best to Love You from her album Acid Tongue.