Cupcake Monthly: March

No, you didn’t miss February. I did. I’ve been working hard on, er, correcting my eating habits, and creating an exercise routine, and I just couldn’t mess with anything tempting in February. But, March is my mom’s birthday month, and I simply couldn’t let her go without a tempting treat on her birthday (what sort of daughter would that make me?).

So, I decided to make cupcake #13 – Sour Cream Fig Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting – from the Ming Makes Cupcakes site. My mom loves figs but also needs to watch her sugar intake (diabetes), so I decided to make them with half the sugar that the recipe called for (I think I even used less in the frosting – I just eyeballed it, and kept tasting it). I also used fig jam sweetened only with fruit juice, so as not to add insult to injury. Cupcakes are a great thing to make for a birthday celebration that’s going to include 15 people, especially when plates and serving utensils can be more of a bother than can be accommodated. Not to mention they’re highly portable. And highly delicious.

However, I made them in such a rush that I neglected to photograph each step of the process. We had Team Tile (J.J.) and Team Carpentry (Jonas) here working that day, so I had limited time for baking. I did manage to snap some shots of the finished beauties (and the debris leftover in the kitchen), though, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy, and make some cupcakes!