And there upon the rainbow is the answer, to a neverending story…

Throughout the past week, Team Carpentry (aka: Team Jonas this time around) has been here working diligently, tirelessly (well, ok, he did get tired), and mindfully to get the built-in cabinet done for the Family Bath Project (aka: the neverending project, ahha ah ahha ah ahha ahhh).

Limahl – Neverending Story
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(I’m pretty sure the lead singer has a helmet instead of hair. I want one.)

Not only did Jonas fix up our cabinet, he built some shelves for both my office closet and above the toilet, installed baseboard in the family bath, and patched a tricky electrical hole that I didn’t really know how to attack. That, along with entertaining me with his eclectic musical choices for Pandora stations (most of them were toned down for household ears – I think he prefers much louder, harder rock than we do), left us all very exhausted by the week’s end. Add to that my mom’s birthday over the weekend, with family meals and visits (including attempting to host my brother and his ladybird in our trashed, sawdust and debris covered second floor), and well, I’m still recovering. (We also had J.J. here working the tile, so the house was full, bustling and early rising all week and weekend long.)

Even though the bathroom is by no means finished, we are soooo much further along thanks to Jonas (and J.J., but that’s for another post). The cabinet was more complex than we’d first imagined, and therefore better looking than we thought we’d get (bonus), so that also meant that it took twice as long as we had originally estimated. A tiring week for sure, but worth it. The pictures (and the video above) tell the story… ahha ah ahha ah ahha ahhh… enjoy!



    First of all, thanks a lot for infecting me with that song… it has taken up permanent residence in my brain and shows no signs of leaving. 😉

    Second, I have decided to buy nothing until I can be assured that you and your talented gang are coming with. You guys rock!

    1. So Happy Home Post author

      Haha! Sorry about the song… my younger sister will appreciate it most of all. Thanks for the praise! I know Jonas will be pleased to know that his work is being appreciated. We got lucky with these guys.

      And, my mom DID used to live in San Antonio. I suppose a trip wouldn’t be out of the question. 🙂

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