The book of love has music in it, in fact that’s where music comes from…*

*Version by The Airborne Toxic Event, lyrics by Magnetic Fields.

As the last bits of winter melt away (though we are expecting another winter storm this Friday), and as my efforts to recover from dentist-induced injuries continue, I find myself reflecting on the changes that have occurred in the past year, and the past ten years, really. In the past year we’ve: met our contractors for the first time; signed contracts and pulled permits; spent more money than we knew we had/had to; renovated our kitchen and three bathrooms (almost done with the last bathroom); had our entire house rewired; painted every inch of trim and walls in the first floor (except the ceiling and crown moldings), and half of the second; and started friendships that will (hopefully) last the rest of our days.

We’ve also had friends and family who’ve grown their families (I don’t know if I can count the number of babies that I know of that were born in the past year: Eli, Penny, Gus, Blossom, Evan, Jack, Alexander, and I know there are more), loved ones who’ve deepened their relationships, traveled abroad, and moved house and home. All in all 2010 was a good year, and three months into 2011 I’m feeling the same thing. Love, life, gratitude and the hopeful spirit of spring is in the air. I only hope it will last after we get another shovel-worthy storm. In April.

As for the past ten years, well, that’s to do with me and my husband. We met ten years ago right at the end of winter/beginning of spring. With my husband came a dog, Bec, who has become my beloved in every sense of the word. She’s turning 12 this weekend. Anyone who has a dog knows that 12 for a medium-sized dog is toward the end days. Which makes me sad. But, for now, she’s healthy, active, and still my baby dog. Which makes me happy. A decade of building my little family, a year of carving out a home out of the clay that was our house, and a hopeful mind to what this next year will bring.

So, how are you feeling? Hopeful? Downtrodden? Excited for the future? Perhaps all of the above? Some photos of the neighborhood, taken with my phone (so no great shots here), just to provide a bit of context. Enjoy! xoxo


  1.'Rob O.

    That version of “Book of Love” by The Airborne Toxic Event is really nice! I especially like the orchestral backing. You might also like Peter Gabriel’s version. It’s less sweeping but that raspy quality of his voice makes it seem intimate.

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