Let it go, this too shall pass…*

*Lyrics from OK GO’s This Too Shall Pass.

So, for the past month (I looked it up since it seems like it’s been longer) I’ve been battling the never ending saga of tooth pain. If you’ve ever suffered from anything related to that, you’ll understand exactly why I’ve barely done anything but bathe, eat soft food, haven’t exercised, and have only gotten mildly through my punch list for the family bath. After my latest dental examination showed that I might not just have one tooth in peril, but two (cue meltdown here) I’ve decided to stop feeling badly about neglecting my work, and my blog. I will be back at it, and the exercise, too, once I feel that my tooth pain issues have been properly addressed, and when I feel safe in encouraging blood to pump freely (and quickly) through my head.

However, even with all that being true I did manage to get some priming and painting done on the Family Bath. Bursting with pride, covered in bruises (I knew it’d be tricky to reach some of the spots on that cabinet, but damn!), and nursing overstretched hamstrings, I wound up about a day or two closer to finishing that room. Baby steps. Baby steps. I still have a ways to go, but, buoyed by my steady stream of painkillers, I feel optimistic that I’ll be able to get a bit more done this weekend. Little by little I’m getting closer to the end date. And that end date had better be before our next hosting of out of town guests (which might be sooner than we think).

So, until next time (or when I’m finally rid of nerve pain that wakes me in the night), some photos of my progress. Enjoy!


  1. bfalkens@gmail.com'Beth Choe

    Just let us know when its all done and ready for a weekend visit! Can’t wait to see the final results 🙂

  2. thelennoxx@yahoo.com'theLENNOXX

    Oh wow I love the color you used! So clean and pretty, and looks so great with the white trim!

    Hope your nerve pains are cured soon, and I can’t wait to follow the progress of your bathroom!

    xo Linda

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