I held my breath and said, “May I have the next one?”…*

We shall now break from our regularly interior-focused blog posts to dedicate one entirely to the bloom of the month: lilacs. *Lyrics from Polkadots and Moonbeams as sung by a young, and dashing Frank Sinatra.

Welcome to Lilacland indeed.

Every year, as the lilacs bloom, we who are lucky enough to be near them, inhale their sweet fragrance with appropriate hunger. Lilacs do not last long, but they are powerful, delicate and abundant while they do. Last year my older sister shared with me the location (and knowledge) of lilacland, and this year my younger sister decided to make the journey home just to visit this place. I believe she said it was worth the bus fare. It was even worth the inevitable allergy flare-up.

Lilacland is a private residence in Pelham, MA, maintained by a local family that is freely open to the public for annual nasal ingestion of lilac scent. The site boasts some 300+ varieties of lilacs, and the scale of each specimen proves that decades of lilac cultivation are definitely worth the effort. The perfumed air dances about, inviting a slow stroll, or even a quiet sit, while the visual explosion of every shade of purple and pink you can imagine insist upon voracious photography. I felt a little like a tourist, and this is a feat only 30 minutes from my childhood stomping grounds.

So, some evidence of heaven on earth for your ocular pleasure. Enjoy! xoxo