I won’t forget, I swear…*

I am sad to report the passing of my beloved baby dog, Bec.

My beloveds.

May was a rough month. She was diagnosed with lung cancer on the first of May, and by May 30th she was gone (hence the blog absence). We are devastated by her loss, and are still adjusting to the new reality. We’re still coping, and trying to put our life into an order that has never existed. Until now I’d never known my husband without Bec – they were a package deal when we first started dating. It’s strange for both of us to have the whole house to ourselves… there’s no one to bark at the mailman, there’s no one to try to eat our dinner, or to get startled by the loudness of sound effects in movies, no one to get scared by the thunder and lightening, no one to greet us when we come home, and no one to curl up at the foot of the bed at night. We miss her dearly, and are doing our best to be grateful for our time with her, and to remember her in her healthiest days, rather than how sick she had become.

*Lyrics from The Kills’ song The Last Goodbye.

But, as life forces us to, we’re trying to move forward, and get back to “normal.” And so I return, happily as I can, to the blog, and the efforts of putting our house together to make it a home. The so-called Family Bath is very nearly complete, even though some final tweaks and touches still need to be done. And amidst the saddest few weeks of my life I’ve managed to still find the beauty in the plants and flowers that have blossomed and grown in the latter part of spring. Luckily the weather was spectacular for Bec’s last few days, so she was able to spend most of her remaining time outdoors. For that I am forever grateful to whomever or whatever allowed that to happen.

I will do a post on all the amazing etsy finds that have furnished the art and accessories in the family bath (and elsewhere in the house), but for now just some pictures of the progress, the plants and the beauty. xoxo


    1. So Happy Home Post author

      Thank you so much. She was a good girl, and was loved very much. xoxo

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