Out with a whimper, it’s not a blaze of glory…*

*Lyrics from MGMT’s Congratulations from their album Congratulations. Don’t ask me what the video means. I have no idea.

Summer has effortlessly shifted into fall, marking the official close to a season that was full of fire and energy, heat and flooding, plenty and too much plenty. Windows were unceremoniously closed, yet screens remain in place; sweaters were unearthed from the drawers, or backs of closets, yet summer clothing has not been put away yet; seasonal cooking has shifted from tomatoes, fresh herbs and all things raw to squashes, soups and an increased interest in baking. The tides have changed, without us really noticing, though we are certainly aware.

Way back when, in late spring (a full two seasons ago!), we met with Mr and Mrs K to discuss ideas for their new kitchen (at that point merely a hope). Meeting after meeting, month after month and we weren’t sure they were going to choose us. Or even start at all. Drawing after drawing, email after email and we finally arrived at a direction, picked a start date, and boldly attempted to renovate an entire kitchen and bathroom in a month. Well, that didn’t quite happen, but it very nearly did: the kitchen is finally done!

Allow me to offer a great big public thank you for the hard work and sort of super human efforts of Dave Powell, Jonas Murray and Brian Bird of Innovative Construction Solutions, and Brad Osgood of Osgood Electric, and countless other subs: Caleb and JJ of Team Tile; Jason and Jason of Boulanger’s Plumbing; and, the entire stone team at ASN Stone in Northampton. Thank you, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Yes, there were some stumbling blocks along the way, as there inevitably always are. Yes, there were some scheduling and communication break downs. But, in the end, everyone did their best to make Mr and Mrs K’s kitchen come to life, and fully realize their dream of a great, bright, working, not falling apart, could stand the test of time, kitchen and bathroom. With every project you can look back and see what could have been smoother, where things could be improved upon for the next project. It is in this way that people get better at what they do, where the caring for the craft is demonstrated, where the tuning becomes fine. But, what is most important now is that Mr and Mrs K’s project is done!

They still have the moving back in to do, the waiting for paint to dry to do, the final little touches that make the room finished – window treatments, artwork, and accessories – but our work, our interference in their space is done. In a few more weeks, when everything feels more settled, I’ll go back for some proper after pictures. Some beauty shots of a lovely, friendly space that is welcoming to family and friends (and dogs) alike. But for now, you’ll have to settle for pictures of the guys finishing up minor paint touch-ups, and the like. Of course you can always look back at the progress on your own.

Until the final final shoot, after after pics, these of the last days of a summer filled with the chaos and madness (and satisfaction) that only renovation can bring will have to do. Enjoy! xoxo