May your New Year dreams come true…*

*Lyrics from The Christmas Waltz as sung by Nancy Wilson. If you listen to this song in the right mood it’ll make you cry. Or maybe that’s just me.

A few days ago I stopped over at my mom’s house for a visit. As I walked up to her door I noticed she still had her autumnal bunch of purple corn on her front door (how gauche!). She said, ‘yes, yes, I know, I need a wreath.’ I looked around and sure enough everyone had a wreath on their door. (Full disclosure: there were a few doors with shamrocks on them, but I imagine that’s a year-round thing for them.) It seemed as if everyone was getting in the holiday spirit but my mom’s place was lagging behind. Well, that I simply could not abide.

So, I got to crafting. Again, I took no pictures of the process, merely the finished product, and with my phone no less. But, since virtually the entire complex had done the wreath thing, in varying sizes and materials, I decided to do something a little different (my mom is NOT one of those conformist people – she simply must be unique at all times). I had some leftover materials from my craft day(s), so I fashioned something from my leftover stash. A few days later I delivered my creation and hung it on the door.

Ta-dah! No wreath here, just a simple bow in a mix of materials for a textural, festive and non-denomenational expression of seasonal cheer.

The bow: made from bits of burlap, sparkly ribbon, felt cut-out ribbon, yarn, miscellaneous bits of wire, and a tuft of faux berries (in white).

Needless to say mom was pleased. As was I. Not bad for a little bit of time and some leftover craft scraps, eh? Being resourceful and creative are some of the finest skills I possess. Perhaps the funnest, too.

Enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate, or just enjoy life. Either way, take some love from my bowl that sits by the door to the site… no need to dress up to get it, either. Happy, merry, happy, merry, everyone. Enjoy! xoxo



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