You make it so good, you turn a woman around…*

*Lyrics from Aretha Franklin’s version of Something He Can Feel. I am in need of a little soul, and who better to sing it for me than Aretha. We’re on a first-name basis, have been since I was a child. Though, I suppose, every woman is (or should be). Sing it, Aretha. Ladies, let me see your hips swaying to the music. 

AFTER: The latest view from my kitchen. Vast improvement.

Well, first, I had planned on updating you with the status of the basement. But, well, the basement has more transformations to come, and the exterior, well, that’s pretty much complete. Of course there are more stages of finish to complete – filling holes, more staining, sealing, painting, caulking, etc. – but the overall effect is one of completion. Which is thrilling.

Jonas worked with Pappy on completing the railings on both sides of the house. Pappy, achey yet cheerful (as always), served as the experienced veteran, while Jonas worked his OCD out on my Union Jack detail. We’re all perfectionists (ok, mainly it’s me and Jonas who have this problem) so I left them to work out the specifics without a constant audience (though I did show up from time to time with questions about spacing, or other small details that Pappy was surprised that I spotted – Jonas was not surprised at all). Plus, I was doing some mischief in the basement (like how I keep teasing you with promises of basement pictures?) and was generally not able to follow them around like a puppy dog taking pictures.

Speaking of puppy dogs, check out Josh’s adorable baby that spent the day with us:

Meet Ida. The sweetest little doggie, totally people friendly, and my little Bec substitute for the day. Ida belongs to Josh, the painter, who came down to help Dave.

So I had another reason to stay away from the guys. This sweet little thing just hung around the house, sometimes in the yard, quietly observing the goings-ons without so much as a growl. Seriously, I am not used to dogs who are as quiet as she is.

Dave worked with Josh in the basement, and at a neighbor’s house doing some paint work, while the railings were assembled, transformed and installed in a matter of hours. I was, and am, thrilled, elated, enchanted, bewitched and otherwise beside myself with how lovely the kitchen entryway looks, and how much of a difference it makes to the curb appeal. I mean, I knew it needed to be done, and I knew it would look amazing. But, sometimes seeing something like that happen before your very eyes is mesmerizing. I’m smitten (and have renewed my work crush on Jonas).

So, some ‘during’ and ‘after’ pictures of the end result of all their hard work. Enjoy! xoxo