Pretty in pink, isn’t she?…*

*Lyrics from Pretty In Pink by the Psychedelic Furs, used in the final scene of, you guessed it, Pretty In Pink. This song was a gimme, a total cop-out as far as finding interesting songs to quote. Easy, breezy, and retro for a post that makes me feel like I still wished I looked like Molly Ringwald, like River Phoenix is my dream boyfriend, and like all I ever wanted was a pair of Guess? Jeans with zippers at the ankles.

I'm not a red person, I'm a hot pink, magenta person, complete with inappropriate attraction to pinks of all shades just because they remind me of their mother color: quinacridone violet.

Recently, on facebook, I’ve been admitting an over abundance of pink purchases of late. I mean, the occasional lipstick or nail polish seems reasonable, but when every single thing you gravitated toward in a given week was some shade of pink, well, maybe you’re developing a problem. And when I say you, I mean me. Naturally.

After seeing this post on Design*Sponge I trotted faithfully over to Serena & Lily to investigate the goods more thoroughly. I still have ideas about styling our family bath, and thought that one of those vases would make a lovely addition to the space. Handmade, unique, and includes hot pink? Sold. And, then, since I was already on the site, and since I had a coupon code from ‘liking’ Serena & Lily on facebook, well, I guess my thorough investigation turned into buying. (Of course, they’re having a sale now, so I might have been able to save more if I’d waited a week. D’oh.)

These shapes and colors just bring me joy. Simple, childlike joy.

Anyway, my home decor haul, added to my earlier clothing purchases (also on sale, I’ll have you know) gave me a grand total of 8 items of pink pulchritude purchased in just one week. Add that to my flushed, blushing state and you’ve got yourself 9 pink items in one room. But, despite my embarrassment, and awakened memories of junior high school unease, pink makes me happy, so I suppose I oughtn’t be that ashamed. And, our home, while lovely, is starting to feel too serious, so a jolt of pink here and there should bring some lightness, and some energy.

Now, if I could only locate some of that energy and harness it for my own use. Enjoy! xoxo