Lyrics from everyone…*

*It’s been quite some time since I’ve rounded up my blog post title inspirations into a mix. This time I thought I’d try using Spotify for my mix instead of 8tracks (as I have in the past). I’m always using Spotify to discover new artists, and I don’t really use 8tracks, so, well, it seemed more authentic to me.

“What I did on my summer vacation” or, rather, what I’ve been doing for the past 7 months or so.

Anyway, from January through parts of July, here are some of the tunes that have been settling in my brain, dancing around in my ears, and accompanying my clicking, typing fingertips. Feel free to listen in any order you like, though I put them in chronological order (at least in the order in which I used them). Throughout these past months music has been a constant companion: whether visiting relatives on the west coast, day (or couple-of-day) tripping to NYC, hanging out with my elder niece, painting, sewing, staining, cooking, baking, crafting, yard-working, running, or prepping the house for sale, I always have a selection of tunes nearby to get me through it.

Click through to the link below, or find each individual song as listed in the original blog post. I love music and am grateful and happy that we get to share it so easily now. Thanks, internet.

sohappyhome spring/summer ’12 for the Spotify mix

For the list of songs, click through as you see fit:

 Camera Obscura‘s Careless Love off their album My Maudlin Career

 Texture of my Blood from Dillon

Lemonade by CocoRosie

All Day Today by Hospitality

 Neptune City by Nicole Atkins

 St. Vincent‘s The Apocalypse Song from their album, Marry Me

The Shins‘ Fall of ’82 from their album Port of Morrow

 Say Something by Sucré off the album A Minor Bird

Coeur D’Alene by The Head and the Heart

The Hours off the new Beach House album, Bloom

Anything We Want by Fiona Apple 

High Road by Broken Bells

Cubism Dream by Local Natives

Petition by Tennis from their album Young & Old

Enjoy! xoxo