You know you shouldn’t be there but it’s way past bed…*

*Lyrics from Good Intent by Kimbra from her album Vows. I was doing as I was told, by spotify, and checking out the latest pop albums. Must do what told. Spotify rules me. Ok, and it’s a catchy album, good voice, interesting melodies and instrumentation. So, there.

House Tour: Master Suite

How many houses from the 1920s can boast a master suite? Ok, probably quite a few at this point, but we think it’s pretty special to have our own private bathroom off our bedroom. It’s almost like its own apartment.

AFTER: New bathroom, refreshed paint, upgraded lighting, and spruced up closets make this place restful, soothing and luxurious.

When we first bought the house, the bathroom adjacent was really the former maid’s bath. The sink was about 28″ off the floor (in other words, back-breakingly low), and the toilet was awkwardly placed next to the smallest shower on earth (I think it was 24″ square). Of course, I never took any before pictures of it (back then it didn’t occur to me to photograph ugly things!). Needless to say, we’ve renovated all of it: the bathroom is 100% new, including heated marble floors, recessed lighting, Starphire glass shower enclosure, and a custom trim package that matches the original 1920s woodwork.

But, in addition to totally re-doing the bathroom (and sealing it off from the maid’s quarters, aka: Jeff’s office), we also painted, revamped the closets, including creating a brand new closet where formerly there was just a wall. We also had the whole house rewired, which gave us the ability to install new lighting, and the peace of mind to sleep easily at night.

I still haven’t replaced my bed, nor have I found a great dresser solution for our mammoth twin-highboys that rest at the foot of our bed (not the most elegant view). Nor have I gotten to finding a bench or chair for quiet reading, dressing, or just hanging out. Now it’s up to someone else to finish personalizing this space. Who will that someone else be? Will it be you?

Pictures of (my) your dream suite await. Enjoy! xoxo