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Welcome to the jungle…

Ok, where, oh, where to begin?

8am-ish: Contractors and electrician arrived
810am: Jeff and I started bickering
820am: First hammer swing, subsequent dust bowl began
830am: Dumpster arrived
831am: Jeff yelled at me (“Once is enough!”)
832am: I decided not to help Jeff anymore
840am: Jeff and I apologized
845am: We both wished we could  have a nap

The rest of the day was a mix of noises – shoveling, hammering, banging, prying, sawz-all-ing, classic rocking, chatting, barking, panting. We both spent much of the day fighting sleepiness and soreness, and tried to keep the dog as chilled out as possible. Much was accomplished in one tiny day, yet much more is yet to be done.  Mostly, some of the underlying structure of the house was uncovered for the first time in (probably) 90-ish years, exposing the home’s flaws as well as its unique story.

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