Won’t you smile a while for me?…

Day 33 and the oppressive heat was the star of the day. At one point, around 2pm, the car said it was 101 degrees outside, and yet, the heat did not stop the progress. In fact, everyone even took turns working outside. I guess it was better than rain, or snow, or gale-force winds, but, man, oh, man, was it HOT out there!

Lots got done today, and lots was happening all around. Caleb’s car – which had refused to start yesterday – was being worked on in the front of the house (eventually, though, sadly, it had to get towed after all), Dave was painting in the garage, and J.J. and Caleb were cutting tile near the side fence. The sun just kept pouring down heat, while paint was slathered on quickly (it seemed like it was drying in half the time it normally does), wet, noisy cuts were made by the tile saw, and the dog pouted because we wouldn’t play with her in the heat. (Sorry, baby dog, but you’re not dying of dehydration on my watch!)

Sweating was the order of the day, along with more water, ice cream sandwiches, and the desire to be in a pool for about six hours (no such luck on that last one). But, all in all, I was impressed by the multitude of steps that were taken, even though it didn’t seem like they went very far. The shower wall was finished (grout to come later), both bathroom floors were leveled (important to keep the tile or grout from cracking later on), stacks of trim were painted, the closet was painted and finish-coated with polyurethane, and even more stacks of tile were cut and dry-fit in preparation for laying the powder room tile floor tomorrow. As with carpentry, but perhaps more precious, materials for stone-work must be measured, measured again, and then measured again before cutting to avoid costly errors, layout issues or just general waste (time, materials, etc.). And these guys are super careful. And I love it. (Thanks, Team!)

And while all that went on, I got to do a haircut on a very deserving recipient (my favorite kind), spend time in some air conditioning with a wee baby, assist in a shopping excursion, plan out some flower ideas for a wedding, and take pictures of it all. So happy!