Baby! Ev’rything is alright, uptight, clean out of sight…

Day 34 and the gang’s all here. Well, Eric is back from a trip to Arizona where he’ll be moving when this project is over (we’ll mis you, Eric!), and Team Tile and Team Cabinet Hanging were at it in full effect.

I have some unfortunate updates regarding the cabinets. Our cabinet dealer, Artistic Interiors, specifically the owner Jorge Ribeiro, was less than willing to do anything for us regarding the design confusion and the quality of the cabinetry. I would NEVER do business with them again, and would advise anyone out there who is looking for cabinets to look elsewhere. I don’t want to use this platform as a chance to smear businesses – we are very proud and happy with every single other person who’s come into our home – but I felt the need to warn against this businessman, and his inability to put our happiness ahead of his wallet. In the end, his offer of $100 worth of product to alleviate our issues (the actual cost for new materials would have been $230) was reneged, and the time he offered to do touch-ups himself was also withdrawn. I should add that the original total cabinet cost was twelve-thousand times that much, and that such a paltry gesture was insulting (that’s 0.83% for all you math nerds).

I can’t say what the cabinet manufacturer will say about their quality control – maybe this is the best they can do? – but a door is being sent back for review. Perhaps it was naivete to think that we could get semi-custom cabinets that would work for our custom-minded eye? Whatever the case, our Team agrees that the condition of these cabinets is unusual, and is not what they expected from our order. Needless to say, this was not the outcome I had hoped for, nor was this an issue I expected to have with brand new cabinetry, but it is what it is, and we are where we are. Live and learn. And learn. And learn.

On a happier, and more positive note, some of the inspiration for our design choices came from the multitude of blogs and postings out there on design. I love that the world is full of open information, pictures and ideas, and that people are brave enough to share those ideas with the random strangers that mill about out there (Hi, strangers! Welcome!). We loved the bathroom floor tile ideas from Rambling Renovators, especially the double lines of darker tile as a border around the field of marble basketweave. I searched through hundreds of photos looking for something that said classic, but modern at the same time, and was thrilled when I found the “Bathroom Bliss” after pictures. I was so happy to find so many choices, and so much inspiration, from so many people. Thank you, fellow bloggers!

I am determined to keep a positive and happy attitude regarding this process. We are grateful beyond measure that we even get to do any of this, and the odd glitch here or there won’t detract from the experience, the outcome, or the functionality of the space (I WILL be cooking Thanksgiving dinner, you can count on that!). So, all you would-be (or already-be) renovators out there, just keep swimming! It’s not all bad, and not all stress-making. So much of this process is about leaving behind a good legacy, and with all the careful, qualitative touches everyone’s hands are bringing to this space, we will be (humbly) very proud in the end.

On with the evidence!


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    love the tile too!! i’m starting to see my reno in my head and seeing yours helps me along! thanks.

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