And by some miracle, I’ve just got away with it… *

Day 32, and we had another quiet, hot day. Dave skittered about painting, joint-compounding and finishing things, while Caleb got to tiling. And tile he did. It’s so satisfying to see something that you’ve drawn or imagined come alive just as you’d hoped it would. Lucky for us we got paired with a meticulous, careful, organized and happy tile contractor because he fits not only our expectations, he also fits with the actual project (details, details, details). I feel incredibly lucky, still, again, to have such an amazing team. So lucky.

The cabinets will continue to get installed Thursday, so tile will be the primary focus of the next couple of days. This is important so that when Dave needs to get the plumbers in to do their finish stage, we won’t have 6 people trying to work in a 4′ x 5′ space. Most of these spaces are quite small, and require advance planning to finish out details – trim, plumbing, lighting, tile, etc. – and Dave is all over that schedule. By week’s end we ought to have floors in both bathrooms, and most likely all our shower walls (though that may spread into next week).

It’s really getting hard to believe this space will be ours to enjoy once everything is finished. Despite the few odd glitches here and there, we have had amazing luck, amazing chemistry, and amazing results. We’re cruising right along, and no one wants to rock the boat.

* Many of the post titles are song lyrics. I’ve begun to post links to the various songs I’ve quoted on the Facebook page for so happy home. If you’d like to, become a fan, and you can hear the song of the day while you browse the photos. The songs are not always pertinent to the story of the day – sometimes they’re just on the mix that’s playing, or they get into my head somehow. Anyway, for those of you who didn’t know, now you do!



  1.'Laura Siegel

    Kati-this process has been so amazing to watch! I can’t wait to see the finished product! And not just in pictures-next time I am in MA, I seriously want to stop by and check it out (and find out all your paint colors so I can use them in my house)!

    1. So Happy Home Post author

      I’m so glad you like it! You’re always welcome to stop by and see it in person. We’re going to try to have an open house-style party when it’s all over to let anyone who was following it see it in person (and meet the hard-working crew who built it!). And I try to name all my colors for just that reason – if you’re interested in a specific one, let me know and I’ll track down the name for you.

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