But don’t ask me where I’ve been or what I’ve done…*

*Lyrics from Amarillo from the Gorillaz album The Fall. The album was recorded using almost exclusively iPad apps. Crazy and cool.

Client kitchen renovation – days 9 and 10 (end of week 2)

With an insanely tight schedule and a rapidly dwindling summer calendar (I hate the knowledge that soon we’ll be voluntarily using blankets, sweaters and other implements of warmth-making) Dave, Jonas and Brian got busy finishing the drywall and flooring installation. Details left to tackle: taping, mudding, sanding, paint and thresholds. Though it may seem like a small list, the actual work involved spanned days. The breakneck speed which started off the short week eased into a quite rapid but not hideously over-fast speed, and the guys put their heads down and got to work. I am constantly impressed with how much they each do (Jonas can paint, don’t let him tell you differently), and how many things they are capable of doing (and well!).

Dave even got Team Tile to come down for a consultation, and to make a list of materials for their install of the flooring in both the entryway (aka: mudroom, aka: foyer, aka: hey you) and the cute little powder room that is quickly becoming Mrs K’s favorite space in the renovation. (I don’t blame her – it’s adorable!) But overall, the end of week 2 was about finishing the surfaces of the interior – walls, ceilings, flooring – to make way for the game changing, space affecting, volume eating cabinets (you’ll see those in about a week). With an eye toward getting the new wood flooring sanded and sealed during week 3, the guys completed as much as they could before handing the space back over to Team Tile for a day or two.

As a reward for good behavior (and because I was watching my niece, and we love to make things together) frozen lemon sorbet was churned (sweetened with honey instead of allergy inducing cane sugar) and lovingly delivered to the guys on day 10, just in time for their mid-afternoon sweat-fest. And I got to see the first stages of satisfying color going up on the walls. Nothing like ending a week with seeing the first stages of finish begin to emerge, not unlike crocuses sticking up through melting snow.

Some photos of the progress. Enjoy! xoxo

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