I bet the groove that you’re hearin’ is keeping you satisfied…*

*Lyrics from 2 In A Room’s 1990 “hit” (can you say it was a hit if you had to hunt wikipedia for information on it?) Wiggle It (Just A Little Bit). This one’s for you, Dave Powell. This is what you get for mentioning off-hand old lyrics to a crappy song from our youth.

Day 8: Client kitchen renovation

My head is still spinning from how much work went on today. After a week of waiting for subcontractors and inspections (passed!), after many mostly quiet days spent twiddling thumbs (or leg jiggling, fingernail biting, pacing, etc.), today Team Carpentry made up for the lack of visible progress and then some. Working through sweaty, humid and dead of summer weather, the guys rolled their way through installing 3/4 of the new hardwood flooring and installing sheetrock on nearly every wall and ceiling. Let me put it another way: there are now floors and walls and ceilings where yesterday there were none. It’s a mighty impressive step toward making the space take shape, toward realizing the vision for the design, toward putting back together the bones of a formerly hard-working (and much missed by Mr & Mrs K) kitchen.

Dave and his team barely stopped to take a breath, working efficiently and specializing duties – Brian on drywall, Jonas on flooring, Dave on cutting, planning and being the jack of all trades. Or the Dave of all trades. Well, they’re really all capable of doing each bit, and pitched in to do whatever needed doing whenever it needed to get done. (Even I pitched in and sweated through vacuuming, fastening (a) drywall, running to get supplies or lunch, and cleaning up bits and pieces as they began to accumulate.) It was an all-hands-on-deck kind of day to try to make up for the time lost to waiting for the plumbers, and the time added from design changes.

While the team isn’t out of the woods yet, schedule-wise (they have an incredibly tight schedule for this size/scope project), they did manage to make significant progress, which is lovely to behold. To see flooring in place, to close up the walls and have fresh sheet rock in there brightening up the space, well, it’s just so encouraging. Some pictures from today chronicling the highlights of an exhausting and satisfying day. Enjoy! xoxo

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